Gallybird and Black Cow Premium Vodka

We love this unusual and delicious vodka made from whey, the excess produced from the cheese making process. Gallybird does not overpower but allows the soft flavours of this unique vodka shine though. Pour over ice with a slice.


Gallybird and Seedlip

Our suggested non alcoholic spirit of choice. Pour a healthy measure of Seedlip garden 108 over lots of ice, add Gallybird and a ribbon of cucumber plus a leaf or two of basil. This is what to drink when you’re not drinking! Lean, clean and a green cocktail with no sugar and zero Calories.


Gallybird and Hendricks Gin

Hendricks has an unusual flavour and method of distilling that Gallybird enhances and allows you to enjoy poured over ice with a couple of slices of orange and a scattering of pink peppercorns.