Clean Drinking: The Trend We Are Totally On Board With

Hip and Healthy | 1 September 2019

As September sets in, we tend to feel those “back to school vibes” regardless of our age. Thoughts of Autumn start to roll in as the nights get longer, days shorter and excuses for an evening tipple in our back garden with friends tend to, quite literally, run dry. But although a dry September may seem a tad ambitious we have the solution; clean drinking! Read the full article

Gallybird flies in with zero-sugar tonic water

Natural Products Online | 18 July 2019

Gallybird has launched as the first naturally sugar-free, zero-calorie tonic water in the UK, offering a healthy alternative to conventional, sugary mixers. Sweetened with stevia leaf extract and blended with natural quinine, citrus notes and ‘extra bubbly mineral water’, the brand says the tonic is a perfect balance of subtle sweetness with a little extra sparkle to give a light and delicious taste. Read the full article.


What to Drink When You;re Being ‘Good’….

Grazia | 15 July 2019

I don’t drink Monday to Friday so I need a cocktail that makes abstaining worth it. Gin is a favourite and is one of the least calorific spirits at 79 a shot. However, even ‘low-sugar’ tonics can still contain a spoonful of sugar. The answer is newly launched Gallybird, which is the U.K’s first sugar- and calorie-free premium tonic water. Read the full article.


Guilt-free weight loss for better hangovers… the health BENEFITS of a G&T revealed

The Sun | 4 July 2019

If you're looking for a naturally sugar-free tonic water to pair your gin with (most slimline tonics are packed with artificial sweeteners), then try Gallybird. Gallybird is the UK's first naturally sugar-free premium tonic that's sweetened using Stevia leaf extract - the only sweetener that's been proven to actually be good for you. Oh, and it's also the sweetener Victoria Beckham swears by. Read the full article.

Force of Nature

As we become more conscious of our own health and the world we live in, most of the decisions we now make are inspired by the priceless and magical powers of the natural world, says Susannah Taylor. Read the full article.

The Tasty Zero Calorie Tonic Water to Drink This Summer


There’s a new tonic water that’s got the drinks industry talking - calorie free Gallybird. Known for it’s great taste, extra effervescence and sugar-free credentials, Gallybird is a one-of-a-kind tonic that’s shaking up the market. Read the full article